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I only wish Opus Dei practiced what it preaches septiembre 11, 2009

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I only wish Opus Dei practiced what it preaches. From personal experience I know how Opus Dei puts up a smiling wonderful front to cover the elite unchristian arrogance they hide. They are as trustworthy as a politician looking for votes.

My dear friend, let me tell you that although I am not a member of Opus Dei YET because I can’t wait to be part of it, I can tell you that leaving a side the fact that everyone of us fail in many ways as we are not perfect, each member of the opus dei, that I know, practices even more than what they preach. I will obviously let some one more experience than me expand on your comment, but let me tell you that it is so easy to get confuse with the everyday effort of trying to show every one the joy we have for knowing us sons and daughters of God, in between many difficult circumstances that we face everyday… also you might not know but all the members that I know of Opus Dei work a heck of a lot! and if someone calls there they are! they try to sanctify every bit of their life, that they get tired? well YES! like all of us… that they have their weaknesses… YES as we all do. But they try and try. They trust in God. Sometimes, we tend to, and I say this for my own personal experience, we tend to judge from our own perspective, from what we are even expecting from others, but it is really difficult and in fact only God knows everything. I am sorry you might have had a bad experience, but please be open that what you think might not be right…. just remember the last time you had a headache and someone was expecting you to smile and you just couldn’t… was it because your bad intention or because of your headache? And also, its tricky, but what you could perceive as arrogance might just be a bad impression. or did you never give a bad impression at all? If you could only see the good things, with supernatural eyes instead than with a very human sight. You said “I only wish….” then if you do really wish, let me tell you that they actually do practice what they preach. Maybe they do mistakes but they still do, and just like you and me they try to do things right for God. I would like to recommend you to go to a centre if you haven’t yet and talk to someone there and you will see what there is behind that smiling face… I challenge you! Anyway, why don’t you register and tell us more about you?



Hola amigo:
Siento no dominar el ingles, pero lo que dice Cynthia (gracias por la defensa que nos haces) es bien cierto.
En el Opus Dei, no somos perfectos.
De echo no me metas el dedo en la boca, por que no estoy exenta de podertelo morder. :o
Pero si intentamos ser amables, y sonreir… bueno, yo quiesiera hacerlo mas a menudo pero tengo un careto un tanto serio, ¡¡Soy seria!! y me cuesta mogollón, ya ves, no serviría para la política, aunque tampoco me atrae en lo mas mínimo.

De todas formass, bienvenido a ésta web :D :D :D Mira que fácil es sonreirte desde aquí. ;)



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