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What is the meaning of luxury life? agosto 10, 2009

Posted by anibal123 in 1.

Hi, everybody at www.opusdeialdia.org. I am newbie, nice to meet you all. You have really interesting forum, I read many topics with interest, and want to make my own.
Extravagance life, what is it? Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort. Something expensive or hard to obtain. Ofcourse, we all remember traditional meaning – rich persons spend a lot of money to live in expensive and exclusive style, expensive clothes, jewelry, food, cars, trips, yachts and etc.
So if you require to live such life, it means at least you requirement be one of the richest.
How do you think, is it still possible for usual people to have luxury way of life, and what is richness life for you?

Hi Rolex

I think I know what mean, but I cannot comment on your mail unless we define what is “to have a luxury way of life, and what is richness life”.

I took a look into Writings of Saint Josemaria (founder Opus Dei) (http://www.opusdei.org), wrote in “luxury” and I found a reference to the book “Conversations” n. 111, which should be read in full, but I’ll copy here just a paragraph.

“Poverty consists in large measure in sacrifice. It means knowing how to do without the superfluous. And we find out what is superfluous not so much by theoretical rules as by that interior voice which tells us we are being led by selfishness or undue love of comfort. On the other hand, comfort has a positive side which is not luxury nor pleasure seeking, but consists in making life agreeable for one’s own family and for others, so that everyone can serve God better.”

Yours truly



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